Spring Promotion: Integrate Micro Focus ITSM and UCMDB for Free!

Spring Promotion: Integrate Micro Focus ITSM and UCMDB for Free!

Here at Effectual we’ve been quiet on our website for quite a while. But we haven’t been idle. After several years of working with customers and demonstrating success, in November of 2015 we entered a series of discussions with another party to potentially buy or license our intellectual property. As a courtesy to them, we kept our marketing limited. Well, unfortunately, that didn’t end up amounting to anything (other than a two-and-a-half-year break in sharing our knowledge with you guys).

This whole time, we’ve still been doing what we do best: helping Micro Focus ITOM customers succeed! And now we’re back online, with some exciting stuff to share with you in the coming months, including a regulated energy solution for the Micro Focus CMS which bundles NERC CIP 5 automatic discovery with fully-matured, real-time Collibra data governance. We’ve also been developing our PIE solutions into a line of drop-in products to help you succeed more quickly and easily than ever before. Our flagship Premium PIE for Micro Focus ITSM/SMA content, our most popular product, usually lists for $125k and up. But to celebrate the line and to demonstrate our commitment to the community, we’re excited to announce that starting today we’re offering it here for you to try for free. Guess we kind of buried the lead there, huh?

PIE for ITSM is the most comprehensive drop-in integration package available. It’s robust enough to support any use case and flexible enough to accommodate any customer enhancements with a standardized, predictable outcome. It delivers the labor and expertise of a full consulting project, saving your organization thousands of hours (and hundreds of thousands of dollars). This is a complete solution: both ITSM and UCMDB side packages, documentation for installation, configuration, and administration. Starting today (and for at least the next 90 days) you can download PIE for IT Service Manager for free. We’ll also be supporting your use of the package with a two-hour, bi-weekly PIE for ITSM Workshop beginning May 9, 2018 at 10AM Pacific Daylight Time (5PM GMT).


Find out everything you need to know about PIE for ITSM below. To get started now

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If you’d prefer us to do your implementation, to give us feedback, discuss a service and support contract, or to find out more about our other PIE solutions

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About the Package

While an integrated UCMDB and ITSM has become a priority for many Micro Focus customers, it has proven difficult to actually achieve with the out-of-the-box (OOTB) UCMDB ITSM Integration Adapter package. The design of the OOTB package is just too generic to support real-world ITSM/SMA implementations. It oversimplifies essential information that you’ve spent time and effort accumulating, and must be heavily customized with narrowly-defined use cases in mind before being put into use. The package “works” at first glance, but over time it creates multiple sets of redundant data in each tool, jamming up the entire system.

Effectual’s PIE for Micro Focus IT Service Manager (ITSM) is a fully mature adapter which provides a much more robust series of jobs, reflecting the actual data and source being used. Effectual’s advances greatly increase data quality, performance, and the efficacy of ITSM and UCMDB as a single platform. You will immediately see more relevant data in ITSM, experience less confusion and fewer problems with UCMDB, and vastly reduce maintenance overhead immediately and permanently.

With an additional service and support contract, we can also tailor our packages to your unique environment. You can move to testing and deployment in a matter of weeks.  We make integration and automation accessible and easy to extend to even the largest, most confusing data sets.

Key Benefits

  • Transforms UCMDB and ITSM to work as a single platform
  • Delivers the absolute best possible data quality and performance
  • Radically accelerates time to value and saves thousands of consulting hours in integration design
  • Empowers decision makers by improving stakeholder confidence in data accuracy, timeliness, and actionability
  • Increases efficiency by reducing the time and cost of process overhead
  • Supports any use case
  • Prepares your organization for success with emerging technologies like AI and machine learning

Key Features

  • Ensures a single, synonymous data set with Effectual’s complete CIT & attribute mappings
  • Eliminates Unwanted CIs and unintended deletions reducing system bulk and ensuring data quality
  • No custom code or external apps to maintain
  • Allows prioritization of volatile CITs
  • Flexible to upgrade; will not break like brittle custom solutions
  • Seamlessly integrates with other PIE solutions allowing your organization to gain a competitive edge by pursuing advanced use cases

In-Depth Features

  • Granular TQL organization for both Push and Population of Data: PIE creates integration jobs pre-organized and populated with common TQLs representing each level. Each push and population TQL has been developed to execute on discrete sets of CITs, resulting in faster run times and moving only targeted CI data. Attribute mappings have been fully established between products, allowing for increased customization of attribute modification or preservation. For more granular updates to specific data, such as assets, the adapter includes push TQLs paired with specifically tailored WSDL objects on Service Manager, so any specific data elements that need to be changed will do so without affecting the rest of the record in SM/SMA.
  • Robust Attribute Mapping: Attributes are fully mapped between CI types in order to ensure that more data elements are visible on the Service Manager side after a push. Each mapping utilizes more absolute and specific element definitions wherever possible, enabling full bi-directional synchronization while avoiding the common reconciliation issues which result from using only a display label or logical.name. Since more data elements are pushed into each SM/SMA record, duplicate names are largely avoided. The resulting combined mapping then benefits reconciliation when the record or related records is populated back into UCMDB.
  • Automated Change Creation: By leveraging the existing Micro Focus ITSM ability to open unplanned changes through Discovery Event Manager rules, automated changes and incidents can be opened based on discovered data or changes between authorized or actual states.
  • SM/SMA Undiscoverable CI Population: The included SM/SMA .unl file includes modifications required for non-discoverable data synchronization with UCMDB. Once the appropriate changes have been made to Service Manager, the adapter will be capable of populating Assignment Groups, Contacts, Locations, Companies, Departments and IT Process Records as actual CITs in UCMDB. This enhanced capability eliminates the time and overhead required to call these records via API. It also makes them available for modeling and transfer into other systems in UCMDB. UCMDB ID is then used as the sole identifier for these records, removing the need for complicated scripts writing to multiple custom fields.
  • UCMDB Undiscoverable Data Push: Data from other systems, such as financial information from Asset Manager, can be pushed into SM/SMA (where appropriate) as actionable records. By pushing these synonymous CIs and data elements into SM/SMA, they can be used to drive other processes that are not otherwise covered by the standard OOTB UCMDB-SM/SMA integration.
  • IT Process Record Population: The SM/SMA Process Records (Change, Incident, Request For Change, Known Error, Interaction, and Task) will be populated into UCMDB as actual CIs, complete with relationships to associated CIs/records from SM/SMA, as well as affected CIs, other IT Process Records, and any other present data (such as organizations or SM/SMA users). Additionally, these changes can be tracked through their entire lifecycle using the UCMDB History function.
  • Integration with other Effectual PIE solutions: Data types from other PIE solutions stored or created in UCMDB by other integrated programs are incorporated in each TQL. From ITAM financial data to UCMDB Browser-based perspectives and models, those data all get moved for consumption in SM/SMA.

What You Get

  • 12 Common mapping xslt mapping files to provide consistent attribute mapping across all of the out-of-the-box UCMDB CI Types
  • Over 400 separate XSLT mapping files corresponding with every single out-of-the-box UCMDB CI Type enabling full control over Integration Points pre-configured with Push and Population jobs to handle bi-directional dataflow for discoverable CIs and models
  • All the files and population jobs needed to retrieve the various undiscoverable data from Service Manager for use in UCMDB
  • Integration points now come with pre-configured Population jobs to retrieve contact data, location data, and even IT Process Records like RFCs and Incidents
  • A set of TQLs that follow UCMDB Browser modeling templates that will push user-driven models directly into SM/SMA

System requirements

The following versions of UCMDB:

  • HP/HPE UCMDB 9.x, 10.x
  • Micro Focus UCMDB 11.x

The following versions of Service Manager:

  • HP Service Manager 7.x (Push only)
  • HP/HPE Service Manager 9.x
  • Micro Focus Service Manager 9.6
  • Micro Focus Service Management Automation Suite

Download PIE for ITSM

In addition to PIE for ITSM we have content for the rest of IT Operations Management, as well as expertise with third party integrations and discovery. If you like PIE for ITSM, we hope you’ll consider Effectual for your ITOM service and consulting needs.

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