3 Year Update

3 Year Update

Still Alive…

Effectual Micro Focus Partner

As you can tell if you were an active reader of our blog, we have been quiet for just over three years. We did so first as a courtesy in September 2015 to try and conclude a series of commercial discussions with HP, then HPE and later Micro Focus about making use of some of our content on a broad scale. Timing couldn’t have been worse it seems and we never quite worked something out. We also didn’t know where things were heading with customers or with the vendor and we just weren’t sure what to say. It seems at long last, that we finally do.

Effectual is still a Micro Focus-only partner company. When we started our business in 2011, we signed up as partner number 205. Now we’re one of 16 and quite possibly the only company solely doing business with Micro Focus customers. As a result, our fortunes are tied directly to the ITOM suite of products and the last three years have been perilous and confusing as our vendor of choice reduced its staff, sold, spun and merged. Things are finally emerging from the dust and clamor of the past few years and the road ahead is becoming clearer.

Effectual’s focus until summer of 2017 was on making the ITOM suite work as a single-platform using a Configuration Management System approach. As the developer of the single-platform solutions (and not a services consultancy with contract staff) we found we could only actually run a couple of giant simultaneous projects and this was another reason why we weren’t chatty on the forums or the blog – we were too busy running giant CMS projects. Until we weren’t.

By mid-2017 due to a variety of factors all of Effectual’s CMS based IT Service Manager customers switched vendor relationships entirely for Service Now. Sometimes this was because of pricing, sometimes competitive advantages, sometimes burned bridges or commitments that couldn’t be kept by the new organization, as several of our customers were locked into huge strategic deals Micro Focus couldn’t single-source any longer.

We didn’t go with them because we had made a significant investment making ITOM solutions and we can still solve the same problems with the same software. We didn’t offer a migration service to Service Now (even though we could easily have one), because we’re loyal to the ITOM suite and to Micro Focus’ technologies.

As a solutions and integration services company we have tried to be ahead of the curve for customers, predict the next need and get out in front of it with a smart, practical offerings that make economic sense to customers. This means that we adopted Docker containers and the concepts for the ITOM Marketplace with the intent of offering customers with microservices early. Despite making an early and complete investment in adopting these technologies, we’re still waiting for production capable Container Deployment Foundation and we’re a year behind schedule for the contracts allowing anyone to be able to sell on the ITOM Marketplace.

Moving ahead, we’re offering everything we do as small micro-services as we have been hearing for over a year that gaining approval on larger spending on these technologies is in a wait-and-see mode. We’re flexible and fine with that and we can easily switch to monthly, unit-based consumption services as needed because we’ve already done the planning for offering this on the Marketplace.

Here’s our current roster of service offerings, please let us know your thoughts:

Micro Focus has announced End of Support is coming for Universal CMDB 10.3X, so we are offering a UCMDB upgrade package to move your UCMDB 10.X environment with our solutions to a version of UCMDB 11 Docker, Windows or Linux. This process can also clean your old data and remove any duplicates and stale data without losing your related business objects.

Effectual’s Impact Analysis Webinar and basic demo package is our most downloaded content ever from any source. As a result, we’re offering a 3 or 5-day service package to tune up and custom build your organization high performing, impact analysis rules and perspective-based impact views and reports.

We have a managed service offering to migrate customers from Micro Focus IT Service Manager to Micro Focus Service Management Anywhere-X. This service uses our hybrid cloud approach, uses no additional footprint at the customer and migrates all ITSM critical operating and CI data into SMAX. Our trials have taken about 2 weeks from start to finish and we’re eager to help customers look at their current ITSM capabilities in the new solution provided by SMAX.

We are offering a fully managed Universal Discovery Service based on our superior UCMDB and Universal Discovery PIE products and best practices, offered as a hybrid cloud or on-premise service. We’re offering this as a black box managed service and are so confident in our ability to improve your discovery that we won’t charge you until we get your first complete global discovery run completed.

Our business is singularly focused on success with Universal CMDB, Universal Discovery and invested in the Micro Focus ITOM suite. This has been our choice and we hope you’ll see the value and merit in rewarding these decisions and doing business with Effectual.

We look forward to writing more in the days ahead.

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