Unlock ITSM Value Next Month, Not Next Year

Unlock ITSM Value Next Month, Not Next Year

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Promises, Promises

The IT industry has been built upon promises. In fact promises may be the number one product sold by every technology provider since the beginning of the computing era. The larger the company providing the solution, or the more complex the technology, the more promises made.

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an area in particular where companies have spent billions on promises; everything from “lights out” operations, to proactive problem resolution, to decreased project times, to simplified processes. This area has seen more promises, spent more money, and gotten fewer results than almost any other area of the IT world.

Not that there isn’t value in ITSM tools, technology and processes – it has always held the highest promise, for the mere fact it is the foundational technology for every single service provided by an IT organization. If the reward weren’t there, these solutions would have been abandoned long ago.  Yet the full value of ITSM remains locked within the promise.



If this area has the potential to positively impact every single service provide by IT, why hasn’t there been a major success from all the efforts made to move from the promise to value?  The answer for many organizations is “because it’s hard.” It’s much easier to rely on new promises from a new ITSM tool or upgrade, hiring new consultants, certifying professionals, creating specialized groups within our IT organizations, and filing one more report. Instead of following through on the value promise, IT organizations continue to endlessly pursue new fruitless strategies, to apply band-aids to fix the problem. The dreams stack up, but never come true.

But what if you could get past the hype and promises, and jump directly to results in just days or weeks?

What if you could get your critical ITSM tools to actually “talk” to each other?

What if data stored in one tool, could be used in another – without using ineffective, inefficient  “federation” processes?


What if you could move from promises to results today…

Effectual was created from the ground up to do just that; to create integration tools and processes to fine tune the HPE ITSM platform. We utilize the power inherent in HPE’s UCMDB, Service Manager, and Asset Manager technologies to truly synchronize data, not federate it (because federated data isn’t actionable). We break down the barriers between these powerful tools to create a single, integrated platform to manage both the service and the service delivery.  We move the promise of speed and efficiency to their actual result.


… in 6 Weeks?

In six weeks. HPE has published a client case study (which you can read HERE), wherein Effectual was key in delivering the promise of synchronized Asset and Configuration data to create a high performance Configuration Management System (CMS) for HSSBC (Health Shared Services British Columbia). Within six weeks, HSSBC had moved from the usual vague promises of value to having an actual system in production, managing over 4,000 servers, 1,000 applications, and 500 support contracts.  They estimate their first year savings at $500K;  dollars now available for other projects within HSSBC.

Daniel Lamb, project director at HSSBC said, “We set out to be one of the first to fully implement an HPE Service & Asset Configuration Management (SACM) solution and build a state-of-the-art application, HPE Asset Manager, HPE Service Manager Enterprise Suite, and HPE UCMDB gave us the tools, and HPE Partner, Effectual, prepared us for full SACM implementation in only six weeks, resulting in a $250,000 savings on our investment.”

That’s what makes Effectual industry leaders. Another “success” story we heard had an organization spend five years, and many millions of dollars to achieve just 20% of the functionality that Effectual was able to implement at HSSBC. Thanks to our Best Practices, extensive mappings, and our Packaged Integration Enhancement (PIE) framework, we make solutions that are fast and easy to implement at any organization. When you buy our solutions, our deployment team will reduce your time to value to days, tailoring to your custom environment, and enabling your team, immediately saving you thousands of hours.

Accelerating savings is an important leap forward. But the real power of Effectual was closing the gap between the promise of having an HPE SACM solution and the actual result of using one, the ripple effect it will have across every service, every project, every change HSSBC manages going forward.

There are other clients and other stories, but the underlying goal is the same. Each of these clients want to reap the benefits as quickly as possible on money they’ve already invested in their HPE ITSM tools. They don’t want another 12 or 18-month project; they don’t need another set of tools to manage; they don’t want to maintain a third tool to ensure the first two work together.

Sound too good to be true? Schedule a demo, and we can show you what we can do in your own environment in just a couple of hours.

Effectual delivers results and skips all the promises.

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