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We had a very nice surprise last week when one of our customers went out of their way to acknowledge our commitment and contribution to their renewed success with HPE Software. With their permission, we shared this with the public. We wanted to write in a little more detail about what exactly goes into making that same kind of difference for your HPE UCMDB and ITSM environment.

First, it is important to share some background. There are several groups of HPE UCMDB Software customers. These groups are easily defined as “early implementation,” “in flight,” and, “post implementation.” The vast majority of HPE customers that Partners deal with (especially those of us that don’t start a relationship by selling HPE Software in the first place), are in the “post implementation” group.

Why? Because once they start implementing, most customers run into ongoing and expensive challenges. In organizations like Mike’s, they ultimately failed to achieve value quickly enough to achieve critical mass. Since it wasn’t meeting its original objectives in the original time and budget, this customer’s UCMDB effort was slowly put on life support. Outcomes like this happen far too often and are no secret to anyone in the community.

Just look back a few years by Googling “2009 CMDB dead.” You’ll see many, many skeptics and even some large CMDB vendors, claiming that CMDB’s mission wasn’t attainable. So they tried to reduce and limit scope beyond recognition just to retain some kind of value proposition. In 2011 Forrester Research conducted analysis that showed 24% of the market’s CMDB projects were actively returning value, and more than 75% of CMDB users were optimistic. However, we’ve seen CMDB success numbers published over the last 10 years range from 1% to 5%. Nearly every customer we’ve ever encountered suffers from these same issues regardless of whether they consider their project successful or not:

  • Data quality is perceived as low, so few stakeholders have confidence
  • Inability to differentiate good data from bad, much less remove bad data
  • Long-running discovery jobs
  • Slow UCMDB user performance
  • Multiple generations of resources pursuing different conflicting approaches
  • Trouble determining where even to begin unwinding problems

Enter Mike a few years later, a new addition to his team. He wanted to do more than maintain the body on life support. We happened to meet Mike at HPE Discover this past June. We were able to speak to his problems, because we’ve dealt with the same customer pain points so many times before. Mike chose not to try to reinvent his own wheel, but rather to leverage ours. He believed he could restart the effort and drive new value for his enterprise despite the steep learning curve because he trusted  Effectual’s experience and motivation to see him and his company succeed.

Mike wasn’t just faced with the challenge of improving performance or accountability. He was ultimately tasked with improving confidence from his business that using HPE Software in general, and HPE UCMDB in particular, was a wise investment. He’s been doing just that, thanks to his bright, open mind, and his willingness to challenge the status quo.

To help meet his lofty goals, Mike was smart enough to turn to Effectual, the UCMDB experts. With our previously published tuning recommendations, and a mere five hours of support, he was able to completely turn his enterprise’s UCMDB project around. He was able to reduce the immense bulk of his system, over three quarters of which was bad or redundant data, and increase overall performance of Discovery by 1200%. We expect great things to come from his efforts, including the use of additional HPE Software and the eventual accomplishment of a world class Configuration Management System (CMS) (We’re rooting for you, Mike!).

But these solutions are still complicated. That’s not a judgment of customers or IT people or an organization, nor is it even a criticism of HPE, or their R&D and Support. It’s just that all too often success has been made optional in these projects. Since there is no universal set of best practices around implementation, it has depended instead on politics, economics, and personal choices. Like the original developers, HPE continue to develop amazing features and potential capabilities. Yet there is a lot that can happen to derail efforts and compound problems for everyone between the Development team and the customer’s implementation.

So we share information on tuning, problem solving, best practices, and our goal to develop more Packaged Integration Enhancement (PIE) solutions that are built to improve out of the box capabilities. While we continue to support customers who are well into their CMDB journeys, our goal is to actually reach customers in the start of their implementation journey, or during their active “in flight” portion. The facts that we publish are based on either repeat, first-hand experience, or the accumulated efforts of testing and trying to solve the common issues we see UCMDB customers experiencing. It’s all about avoiding these pitfalls, preventing this loss of project velocity, value for the enterprise, and weakened confidence in the solution. Where we could build a better wheel that everyone could use, we have.

Because we at Effectual, along with practitioners like Mike, believe in the value proposition of an ITIL CMDB and the Configuration Management System. We rate HPE’s UCMDB as the best in class, with the most potential to succeed. We love the features and the capabilities. So we want to see more customers reach high value outcomes with enough political and financial capital left to go on to bigger and better things.

Our approach at Effectual can streamline the path to value for new UCMDB projects and those “in flight” by preventing the same issues others have experienced from derailing their project. But it’s also important to us to make it significantly easier for current customers through automation and shared knowledge. Effectual recognized very early on in the creation of our business that we can’t take customers to new, higher value outcomes if they are stuck just trying to realize a tiny portion of their original goals. We believe HPE UCMDB and use cases for CMS and SACM are going to provide essential strategic advantages for your business by 2020. This will require a new approach and new thinking to avoid ending up with a UCMDB that’s stuck in 2005.

We’ll keep producing our great PIE solutions that improve your end user experience and value. We’ll keep trying to help others avoid ending up in the same old quagmire. But, just like Mike did, you and your project teams will need to choose for yourselves if you really want to do more. If you do, we’re the partner you need to succeed with HPE UCMDB. We’re here to help, and our solutions are able to take you to the next level without exhausting stakeholders’ patience, good will or budget.

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