Service, Asset & Configuration Management (SACM)

SACM Improves Planning & Procurement, Recaptures Costs Mid-Flight



Service & Asset Configuration Management (SACM) is a strategic advantage that directly benefits your organization’s bottom line every single day, enabling conscientious Service and Asset management in real time, instead of months after opportunities have passed. SACM has been a lofty process maturity goal of ITIL practitioners for nearly a decade, yet has lacked a strong concept of how it could be implemented in the real world, with existing enterprise solutions. Some even thought it was a pipe dream. Until now.

In order to fully achieve the SACM use case, Effectual has developed the best practices for and expanded upon the capabilities of a comprehensive Configuration Management System (CMS) using HPE UCMDB. We’ve successfully married processes and information from Asset, Service, and IT Operations management with our PIE solutions.

Effectual’s PIE solutions for Asset Manager, Service Manager, and UCMDB merge and reconcile siloed data from Finance, Operations, and infrastructure mapping and discovery into one normalized SACM data set. This provides the ability for all parties involved in Service or Asset management to actually understand the planned versus actual costs of their Services. The principal advantages of Effectual’s SACM is being able to reclaim much of the planned cost for new innovation or greater scale and capability, and to understand the Total Efficiency of Costs. Both over time, and in real time.

SACM delivers the capability to track, measure, and manage all Business Services and their respective infrastructure and service costs (both planned and unplanned), while also reducing the need for both compliance and financial audits of your deployed services, assets, licensing and support tasks. Your organization can easily achieve the agility and speed to respond proactively, avoid costs, plan more accurately for future expenses and to be more efficient with planned costs that are already deployed and utilized for your business.

Thanks to the help of Effectual, HSSBC is not only the first healthcare organization, but also one of the first HPE customers to realize a real-time, fully synchronized SACM solution.

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A New Way To Do More With Less… Save More With Yes


Use cases like Service & Asset Configuration Management allow organizations to greatly reduce their operating and SG&A costs quite simply by being able to do more when they say “yes” to spending. As your organization takes on greater efficiencies in its infrastructure (such as converged infrastructure), and leverages greater virtual platforms and resources, you need to stay on top of the planned costs while also ensuring that you’re at your most efficient in paying for your services.

Now procurement and budget planning can be done side by side with the real picture of where those previously planned and procured assets are located, and where efficiencies and economies of scale may already exist. Since so many purchase decisions are made in advance, an organization with a SACM CMS can go back mid-flight and adjust where those expenses are actually going. Over time this allows reclamation of expenses, but also provides better insight into future planning and procurement. Less unintentional waste and greater efficiencies of existing costs are the direct outcome of SACM.


Effectual SACM CMS Bridges Finance & Operations

Asset & service CIs in UCMDB 

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A Configuration Management System is a capability that drives a SACM outcome. The CMS doesn’t replace other tools, it provides the best set of data from across your enterprise.

SACM CIs grouped by app in UCMDB 

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Are you staffing right? Spending right? Using and allocating your current resources right? You already have the valuable data, but you can’t capitalize on its value if you can’t find it or contextualize it as information. You need a CMS to bring it together and make it whole

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