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Micro Focus (MF) UCMDB is incredibly powerful and ingeniously complex; thought leadership and commitment as to why decisions and actions are taken is infinitely more critical than how. More than most technologies, MF UCMDB requires that a consultant be skilled in many contradictory disciplines to avoid wasted time and costs. Each step must fit seamlessly into a moving, ever-expanding puzzle. MF customers universally encounter barriers to success. The result is usually a lengthy, expensive series of projects. These, in turn, often lead to redirection and multiple restarts over several years.

Effectual is the only Micro Focus Partner dedicated entirely to MF UCMDB and Service Portfolio Management customer success. In order to overcome the usual challenges, we’ve redefined what UCMDB professional services can be.

Our service projects are objective and goal oriented, with a fixed price, so our customers can have faith in our timelines. We work remotely as one team with precision and efficiency,  because we share one core set of best practices and quality standards for our work. Our delivery is rapid and consistent for every customer because we have consistent experience and methodology. We provide real-time mentoring and training along with dependable documentation and guides for our work, so we can be transparent in our decisions. Our service goal is to accelerate your success and return on investment, bypassing common barriers so your organization can begin where most projects finish.

Architecture & Strategy

Leverage Effectual’s proven approach to plan your service management, configuration management and/or asset management roadmap; utilizing our multi-cmdb reference architecture, phased methodology, and repeatable best practices we can transform your Micro Focus ITOM Service Management tools to function as a single platform–rapidly as a CMS implementation or a single tool at a time. We deliver on the promise of Micro Focus software so that your enterprise can realize real ROI faster.

Performance & Tuning

Recently, our deep dive analysis of UCMDB’s Data Flow Probe MySQL database helped the practitioners community attain astronomical performance gains from an underserved part of the application, but the probe’s DB is only the beginning. Effectual’s extensive experience with Micro Focus’s CMS software can help your enterprise realize better ROI from your tools and achieve performance and scalability gains unavailable anywhere else.

Efficient Discovery & Superior Data Quality

Your CMS journey requires a solid foundation of discovered configuration items in order to provide your integrated tools with timely, dependable data that your decision-makers can rely on. Effectual’s Discovery and data migration methodologies offer unparalleled data quality cheaper and faster than anyone else.

Custom Integration

We are integration experts; we believe that if there is value in data from a source it should be included in your “gold master” data set. That’s why we spend much of our time developing ways to efficiently and accurately synchronize data between the myriad tools our customers use. Leverage our proven approach to build your custom integration.

Enteprise Service Modeling

Your service models are the backbone of your asset, service, incident, and change processes. Without the right approach, creating your service catalog can very quickly turn into an endless effort wherein perfect becomes the enemy of good. Or even worse can cause your models to become incorrect or out of date. Out of date models negatively impact your processes, reduce stakeholder confidence and, in a worst-case scenario, cause unintended outages or downtime because of decisions made from outdated or erroneous data.


Utilizing our best practices and automation methodologies Effectual can develop your service catalog, or empower your team to create reliable application and business service models that stay accurate over time. Our customers can make the correct decision the first time because they trust the data in their tools.

Managed Support & Mentoring

Whether you want to use your tools without any of the heavy lifting or you just want your team to be fully versed in all things Micro Focus software, we can help. Our team is available to manage your Micro Focus ITOM Service Management suite and integrations with 3rd party tools remotely. We can work with you to implement improvements on a release schedule so that you can realize more value from your software purchase. Our proven adoption methodology can get your team on the fast track to becoming the experts to better serve your consumer base.

Managed CMS For Hybrid Cloud

Effectual’s hybrid cloud solution for Micro Focus software simplifies the processes of config, change, service, and asset management by migrating on-premise solutions to the cloud, leaving only a minor footprint in your environment for Discovery and third-party integration efforts. Utilizing a pre-configured “black box” approach, the data collectors can be dropped into your datacenter(s) to begin providing valuable configuration information to your “gold master” data set in the cloud.

From Our Blog: Customer Success With Effectual's Probe & UCMDB Performance Tuning

Mike L., the CMS Subject Matter Expert for a major U.S. oil & natural gas corporation, who had great results with our tuning suggestions, and just a few hours of our support, from his nearly 5 year-old UCMDB project.

We’re trying to remove certain implementation steps from the picture. So the faster we can help customers start to see a working system with their data, the easier it is to start to move and maintain an agile approach.

Erik Engstrom

CEO, Effectual, taken from Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect Blog from October 22, 2014