Packaged Integration Enhancements (PIE)

The PIE Framework is the missing element Micro Focus customers need to rapidly achieve lasting integration success with Micro Focus IT Operations Management solutions.

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Effectual’s Packaged Integration Enhancements (PIE) framework is a fully mature integration specification process and standard for Micro Focus (MF) UCMDB. PIE allows all of the different MF on-premise Operations Management solutions to work as a true single platform. It integrates and normalizes one complete and accurate set of operational and financial data across your entire tool suite, with no impact on how you use any of the tools themselves.

The speed, reliability, and accuracy of Effectual’s PIE solutions allow MF UCMDB to synchronize the same valuable information across all MF and third party tools. PIE shares data and events as they occur across systems without adding additional complexity, while leveraging all the great features and industry-leading process automation provided by MF.

Using the PIE framework as a starting point, the confusion and issues normally associated with integrating one solution to another are entirely avoided. Adding one of the PIE solutions to UCMDB takes just minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months. Each PIE solution can be added at any point, no matter how much data or maturity one tool system may have over another.

PIE uses the complete UCMDB CI Type Model and ITIL v3 object library as a reference for all external data types and attributes. Using this approach allows UCMDB to provide efficient reconciliation and lifecycle management to all the data that can and should be shared across an integration. This level of synchronization occurs automatically without user interaction. While this approach doesn’t rule out or limit the ability to leverage federation from a remote system, the data that is often desired in a federation operation is already up to date in the local system and is available to use.

PIE makes use of MF integration code, but uses a fully redesigned and redeveloped set of queries, mappings and rules to consistently tell the code how, and on what, to operate across all MF Software and third-party solutions that Effectual supports. Our framework replaces the MF-provided adapter packages with a cohesive, cross-portfolio standard that serves as an extensible foundation for integration that is fast, reliable, and easily supportable.

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You can hear (or read), Effectual’s CEO Erik Engstrom talk about our approach to IT Service Management on Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect Blog from October 22, 2014.