Advanced Use Cases

“Organizations that have these capabilities will beat the competition. They will wipe them out, because they’re so efficient and so informed. Waste is reduced. Time is faster. Good decisions are made ahead of time. You have the data and you can act appropriately. That’s the future.”

-Erik Engstrom, CEO, Effectual


When combined, Effectual's PIE solutions give your organization a service- and asset-aware UCMDB, unlocking the true value of your HPE ITOM tool suite. The use cases for the future's new style of IT are available today.

IT is no longer a separate entity from your organization’s day to day functioning. To be agile in today’s business world, you need up to the minute, top-to-bottom visibility. Whether you’re responding to a newly announced vulnerability or trying to navigate a hybrid approach to cloud and on-premise technologies, Effectual enables previously unattainable use cases on a light speed roadmap. Your project will start where others finish. Our powerful PIE Solutions unite your IT Operations Management tools in to a single Configuration Management System (CMS) platform. You’ve already invested in the tools, now take them out for a spin and see what they can really do.