Packaged Integration Enhancements for Micro Focus UCMDB & Universal Discovery

HPE’s Configuration Management System (CMS) software promises to be a comprehensive solution with the capabilities to discover a myriad of physical and virtualized infrastructure components and to integrate with a number of other HPE and third party data sources. With the right approach, it can be the single source of truth for your enterprise.


Effectual’s PIE for Micro Focus UCMDB and Universal Discovery delivers on the promise of a true CMS. PIE enables accurate, timely, dependable, mature data from Universal Discovery while mitigating load on UCMDB and risk to your valuable data so that you can improve visibility while simplifying change control.

Universal Configuration Management Database UCMDB

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My preliminary testing indicates that with all of the combined configurations I’m reducing the time spent on Host Connection jobs by 60% to 80% …
I am extremely thankful to Effectual for the hard work they’ve done in pinpointing, testing and documenting these configuration improvements and I would recommend them to anyone!
Mike L.

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From Our Blog: 5 Keys to UCMDB Success

Take your HPE UCMDB to the next level with what we believe are five (5) key practices that will accelerate that evolution to universal UCMDB success.
Always Discover, Never Impact

Enterprises are nearly to a point where constant Discovery, and updates to service models as near real-time as possible, will be necessary to keep pace with changes to highly virtualized infrastructure. PIE utilizes a multi-tier design that separates the churn and change of Discovery activity from operating on the entire contents of your UCMDB, so that you can keep up without interrupting critical workflows.

Protect Your Valuable Data
Single-tier Discovery can quickly create inconsistencies in your data or unintentionally overwrite desired attributes from another source. PIE prevents unexpected changes to your “gold master” data by allowing only normalized, qualified updates from Discovery to reach the second tier.

Download our Webinar “How To Measure Data Quality In Your HP UCMDB,” hosted by Jody Roberts, including the necessary queries to evaluate your own environment!

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Universal Discovery Trigger Package

Effectual’s Universal Discovery Trigger Package replaces the out-of-the-box generic queries and trigger inputs with more mature content that disqualifies undesired targets from your discovery efforts. Our improvements eliminate the opportunity for unintentional duplicates or flip-flopping of attributes to occur when inventorying devices with multiple Discovery jobs and credentials.


Our enhancements also reduce wasted time in individual job run times, shortening the time window required to perform a daily global discovery. Our enhanced Discovery package executes in specific order and at a faster frequency, following our best practices and optimizing your results to achieve the best overall data quality for your UCMDB. The result is the fastest performance and best quality data available anywhere.

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From Our Blog: Putting the “Universal” in Universal Discovery

If you don’t have a 100% understanding of the edges of the world, you can never fully understand what exists within it it. You’ll never be able to have confidence in the information because there will always be a big “BUT” in every conversation you have.

Reduce Run Times, Discover More Often, Get More Value

A shorter Discovery time window means you can discover more often and provide more timely updates, accelerating impact analysis and improving overall visibility into the actual state of IT assets and dependencies.

Eliminate Overhead and Wasted Effort

Effectual’s discrete queries and triggers eliminate duplicate touches on Discovery targets, reducing unnecessary network overhead and potential impact on nodes, while minimizing effort wasted on CIs that already exist in UCMDB.