Packaged Integration Enhancements for Micro Focus Service Management Automation

PIE for Service Manager seamlessly bridges Micro Focus IT Service Manager (ITSM)/Service Management Automation (ITSMA) and Micro Focus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) so your enterprise can instantly achieve TRUE single-platform Service & Configuration Management; the best data, the best performance, the best integration, automatically.

Effectual’s solution package adds maturity to your Change, Incident, and Problem processes with a previously unavailable level of accuracy and reliability for both data sets. PIE for Service Manager will also keep configuration information and IT Process records, tasks, and assignments accurately related, in real time, in Cloud and highly virtual environments.

CEO Erik Engstrom details how Effectual’s PIE for Service Manager overcomes the challenges faced by customers using the out-of-the-box adapter package.

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Smarter service management means doing more with the information you already have, and making informed decisions that really help you drive efficiencies.
Erik Engstrom

CEO, Effectual

Always The Best Data Possible

Bidirectional synchronization transforms UCMDB and ITSM/ITSMA to work as a single platform, without the usual problems, extra work for users, or a “third set” of bad data from the integration; no more duplicates and junk data.

Enables Customers Who Are “Too Customized”

Comprehensive design and features allow customers that can’t integrate with the out-of-the-box package to achieve the same level of integration as any non-custom environment, with absolutely no functional change to Service Manager, UCMDB, or your workflows.

Supports Any Use Case
Allows customers to add or remove data in both UCMDB and Service Manager without limits or unpredictable results, while eliminating the need to build custom integrations to handle specific use cases; with PIE for Service Manager all data is already included.
Improves Customer Outcomes

Enables advanced use cases (such as automated change management, CCRM or CLIP) in Service Manager at very specific levels, such as automating unplanned changes or incidents linked to location, person, and type of application or device.

Accelerates Time to Value

Can be remotely deployed via webex, and rapidly tailored to heavily customized environments; will work as expected perpetually and consistently, even upon future releases of UCMDB and ITSM/ITSMA.

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