Packaged Integration Enhancements for Micro Focus Business Service Management /Operations Manager i

PIE for Business Service Management seamlessly bridges Micro Focus Business Service Management (BSM 9.x) and Operations Manger i (OMi 10.x) with Micro Focus Universal Configuration Management Database (UCMDB) so your enterprise can instantly achieve true single-platform Configuration Management and service-based monitoring.


Effectual’s solution strengthens the integration results of RTSM to UCMDB (especially when BSM is integrated to Network Node Management I, SiteScope, or connected to other Micro Focus or third-party monitoring systems), while expanding the capability of the integration. Enables CLIP, and other advanced monitoring use cases.

Business Service Management BSM

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Well beyond just unifying monitoring from multiple tools, the value derived from a SACM/CMS enabled BSM comes from a true understanding of total deployment of assets, licensing, and configuration, as well as performance, availability, capacity and the costs associated with service delivery.
Rey Lejano

Technology Director, Effectual

From Our Blog: Achieving CLIP for HPE: Monitoring Integrations to UCMDB

We’ve improved integration and functionality of the Micro Focus Business Service Management (BSM) tool; all driven by our automation approach and best practices.

Decreases Complexity & Time Required to Monitor 100% of Business Services

BSM/OMi dashboards, reports and events can be created in BSM/OMi based on the business service pushed from UCMDB by leveraging the Effectual CI deployment methodology. Every parent business service, and all child monitoring CIs, can be measured to ensure that 100% of scope is monitored and properly managed for events and utilization. This same approach helps reconcile all additional monitors to the proper CI and business service automatically without confusion or additional effort.

Greatly Reduces Amount of Time & Effort Required With Individual Monitoring Tools

By automating and using simple related perspectives, BSM/OMi can leverage all business service maps and known configuration information from UCMDB without the need to duplicate this same effort in the monitoring tools. Monitoring tools do not require maturity or knowledge of the business service; once integrated to BSM/OMi, this knowledge and the necessary relationships are inherited, saving thousands of hours of administration to perform effective event and alert management.

Enhances Integration While Reducing Bad Data

Core CIs which are desired in RTSM for monitoring, Service Level Management, or Operations Orchestration are mapped to the same business CIs in UCMDB, while alerts, events, incidents and valuable data from BSM/OMi are synchronized correctly without creating duplicates or inconsistent data back in UCMDB.

Increases Reporting/Event Management Maturity with Same Business Services

Utilizes Effectual’s advanced methodology that relates business services, applications and CIs automatically to the individual monitor. PIE for BSM/OMi allows monitoring to be deployed with less effort, since all business impacts, assignment groups and relationships are provided by UCMDB.

Elevates Business Value By Monitoring Service Assets At The CI Level

Increases the ease and value of monitoring with BSM/OMi by enabling monitoring coverage to be performed comprehensively at the CI level with Monitor Deployment Wizard and HPE SiteScope. These CIs are deployed in BSM/OMi with all the proper relationships, exactly like the designed apps & business services in UCMDB and Service Manager. Thousands of agentless monitors can be deployed in minutes, automatically generated by the UCMDB configuration data and by Effectual’s templates in BSM/OMi.

Decreases Effort When Integrating Multiple Monitoring Tools

Solution includes automated enrichment and relationship changes, enhanced reconciliation rules and priorities to help normalize and rationalize new data that is created when third-party or additional monitoring tools are added to BSM/OMi. Also prevents monitoring devices from creating duplicate CIs or inaccurate data in UCMDB, while aligning desired data and events properly regardless of their complexity.