Join the Elite CMDB 15%

Join the Elite CMDB 15%

With an increasing reliance on IT, more and more organizations are undertaking Configuration Management Database (CMDB) projects. The advantages for disaster recovery, and change control and management, make this window into your IT infrastructure an invaluable asset. Yet according to an article published in Forbes, a staggering EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT of all CMDB projects fail.

Failed CMDB Projects thumbWhy do they fall short? Forbes provides a few answers:

  1. Competing priorities against other IT and IT Service Management projects.
  2. Limited resources for both budgeting and “knowledge” of people involved. While this technology has existed for a long time, few really understand it.
  3. Complacency (which relates to the first item) leads to an attitude that these disasters only happen to other people. Fire insurance seems like a waste of money… until there’s a fire. If there isn’t an immediate impact or immediate “need”, people will lose interest.
  4. Overly-complicated manual approach to implementation and maintenance. A huge number of changes occur in a mature IT environment, so without automation it is nearly impossible to keep up.

As CMDB specialists, we have seen all of these scenarios (often all four at once) with disturbing regularity.  However, we believe the fourth item (overly complicated manual approach) to be the number one reason for failure. With the huge manual overhead of maintaining a mature CMDB, many (if not most) projects are halfheartedly implemented and almost immediately put out to pasture. Which is why we have spent the last few years automating not just CMDB processes, but also the process of ensuring that data is available to other key ITSM tools. Our automation truly takes into account the complexity and interconnectedness of your entire system.

We view the CMDB as key to the success of IT Service Management across the entire IT ecosystem. Like ecosystems in nature, any small change can have a huge ripple effect, sometimes leading to serious consequences. An effective CMDB ensures that you know the effects of a change before you make it.

Through our Packaged Integration Enhancement (PIE) products, we ensure that:

  • The best data is always available through bidirectional data synchronization.  Real synchronization transforms UCMDB and ITSM tools into a single platform, without the usual problems or extra work for users.  It eliminates the usual problematic“third set” of bad data from the initial out-of-the-box integration, eradicating duplicate and junk data.
  • Previous customizations are seamlessly integrated with the out-of-the-box package. Even highly customized environments achieve the same level of integration as any non-custom environment, with absolutely no functional change to Service Manager, UCMDB, or your workflows; our PIE solutions drop in for fast implementation without sacrificing the maturity you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
  • Customers have the ability to easily add or remove data in both UCMDB and Service Manager without limits or unpredictable results, while eliminating the need to build custom integrations to handle specific use cases; with PIE for Service Manager all data is already included.

In our experience, whether a new CMDB project or one that has stalled, the key to jump-starting your project is eliminating redundancy in the data. Bloated data sets are incredibly difficult to maintain manually, and stand between your CMDB and its value.

Our PIE solutions ensure that there is only one Configuration Item (CI) per device, that each CI is as complete as possible, and create clean connections between the CMDB and the other ITSM tools. By automating the mapping of CMDB CIs, the manual overhead that hamstrings so many projects is eliminated, while a functional system that clearly shows all your components and interdependencies is created.

Just as importantly, PIE extends beyond the CMDB, integrating data across the entire ITSM platform, automatically updating the  hundreds of thousands of changes made in your environment each year.

Data Quality is the prerequisite to CMDB success, to automating data discovery, collection, and synchronization across the full suite of ITSM tools and process. And now it’s within your reach. Forbes asserts that “You’ll want [a tool set] that gives you the most comprehensive view possible, including compute (systems and hardware), network (routers, switches and firewalls) and storage and peripheral components.” HPE’s ITOM Service Management tool suite, when combined with Effectual’s PIE solutions, delivers the most comprehensive CMDB available anywhere.

We don’t think a 15% success rate cuts it. We know that number can easily be increased to a majority with the right strategy. In the meantime, we work one on one with every customer to make sure that they are in that successful elite.

Visit the PIE webpage or view our overview video for a full explanation of how Effectual can help you be one of the 15% success stories.