Packaged Integration Enhancements for Micro Focus IT Operations Dashboard

PIE for Micro Focus IT Operations Dashboard (formerly Executive Scorecard or IT Business Analytics) realizes the incredible value proposition of the tool by populating it with quality, actionable data. Our solution features a rebuilt integration that pulls verified, unique data from UCMDB into the IT Operations Dashboard tables, and an enhanced ETL process that automatically keeps analytics information up to date.


Our solution also includes KPIs and business rules that allow you to examine complex analytics for Service, Asset & Configuration Management (SACM), including Total Costs by Service, Cost of Incidents & Change by Service and additional analytics and scorecard benefits that come from building a mature CMS with our individual PIE solutions.

IT Business Analytics

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Our customer had the ability see, what is allocated in assets, what is allocated in terms of maintenance and support … They understood the impact for the organization as a result of having what we call a Configuration Management System (CMS), having all of these things working together. It gives you very high-level control, particularly when you put it into something like Executive Scorecard, to see where things are taking longer, how they’re taking longer, and what’s costing more.
Erik Engstrom

CEO, Effectual, (taken from Dana Gardner’s BriefingsDirect Blog)

Good Data Makes For Better Analytics

Simplifies the deployment and improves the accountability of analytics data used in Micro Focus IT Operations Dashboard. Combining the features of other PIE solutions (such as PIE for Service Manager or PIE for Asset Manager ) allows UCMDB to manage and maintain uniqueness and accuracy of data to be analyzed in IT Operations Dashboard.

Reduce Unintentional Errors from Spreadsheets

Data can be provided direct from the “single source of truth,” the UCMDB, including unique costs, cost centers, and budgets as a direct result of PIE for Asset Manager. Reduces mistakes in analytics by eliminating the requirement to use spreadsheets as a source of input data for KPIs.

Fully Mapped CI Type Integration & ETL
Extended handling of unique CI data from UCMDB eliminates the need to manipulate the package. All data can be loaded and used in creating KPIs and metrics.
Simplified Deployment With Effectual’s PIE
Decreases complexity and effort required to deploy mature analytics for SACM, CLIP, CCRM, or even out-of-the-box KPIs.
Leverage Our Experience and Thought Leadership

PIE for IT Operations Dashboard represents a great deal of time and effort providing accountable, actionable analytics for other customers with SACM and CMS environments. It greatly decreases your time to value with this dynamic tool.

Training and Mentoring For Better Business Outcomes

IT Operations Dashboard is not a simple solution. It incorporates advanced technologies and concepts that are unique in the field (such as Oracle Business Objects). PIE for IT Operations Dashboard eliminates the need to learn the underlying technologies. Our staff can mentor and train your team in how to extend our solutions, so you keep working with the right data to consistently experience great results.