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The Probe Is Dead, Long Live the Probe! Part 1

The UCMDB Data Flow Probe is not just a process sitting on a box, but a whole ecosystem. And yet it has been completely ignored. And we ignored it too. Until recently. So we did some testing. Then some tuning. Then a lot more testing.

We think you’ll find the results surprising. Since the shortcomings of the Probe are often misinterpreted as shortcomings of HPE UCMDB itself, our findings may just change your understanding of the enterprise business value, of the entire application.

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The Art of the Start

What Does Sailboat Racing Have In Common With IT Enterprise Software Projects? The winners always have the best start. You must reach a point of “foundational capability” before attempting to design a more complex solution. Effectual’s approach is to equip the rig before you set sail, so we can position your initiatives to begin at a place most projects never even reach.

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The Future is Simple. The Future is CMS.

Imagine unparalleled, organization-wide synchronicity of both your IT operations and your asset understanding. With our PIE framework, Effectual can quickly and effectively deliver these results in one Configuration Management System.

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UCMDB and the Scope Limiting Myth

Functional limitations in the UCMDB application allow for only a single writer process to keep up with all the work required of it. Hence enterprises are forced to compromise how often discovery is run, to limit the scope of collection, and often to rule out entire regions, device types or CI types. A multiple-instance CMDB model distributes the workload usually assigned to one system across several.

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Excess Load From Discovery

The Host Resources and Applications by WMI Discovery job can cause additional load on Windows 2008 and Vista systems. The symptoms, while running Host Resources and Applications by WMI with the discover InstalledSoftware override set to true are: slow boot times slow... read more

Efficient Discovery

Effectual’s best practices for customizing trigger TQL, CI Type inputs and input queries, to make Discovery more efficient.

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