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SandWorm and How To Make HPE UCMDB a Zero-Day Value Proposition

If it hasn’t become apparent yet, 2014 has called attention to the need to be prepared for anything. Zero-day vulnerability announcements are becoming broader in scope and impact and are occurring more frequently. This is driving a change for our customers in the ways in which they inventory their critical infrastructure and services, and also in how they keep track of their more common systems.

Here at Effectual, we are identifying new integrated use cases and supporting best practices for Change and Release Control between UCMDB and Service Manager. We stay on top of these zero-day problems and how they affect our customer environments by providing detailed queries and reports for each issue. We also make modifications to discovery scope, and modify discovery packages to help customers track the impact and manage change effectively with Service Manager.

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The UCMDB Experts

We had a very nice surprise last week when one of our customers went out of their way to acknowledge our commitment and contribution to their renewed success with HPE Software. We wanted to write in a little more detail about what exactly goes into making that same kind of difference for your HPE UCMDB and ITSM environment.

As the UCMDB integration experts, we’d like to see a uniform level of HPE customer success. Whatever your phase of implementation, Effectual can help.

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Putting the “Universal” in Universal Discovery

HPE Universal Discovery/UCMDB discovers a huge range of hardware and operating systems, device and network information from infrastructure. But it doesn’t discover everything, at least not automatically. Expanding its capabilities takes time, knowledge, and a lot of planning and coordination.

Effectual has done the work to expand HPE Universal Discovery to include business elements for you with our horizontal mapping technique. Why spend 20 or more hours per application model, when can get the answer you need in 2-3 minutes?

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Today’s UCMDB: UCMDB Tuning Best Practice for Performance and Data Quality

At Effectual we care about two things: better performance and better data quality from HPE UCMDB. Over the last decade, several socially reinforced myths have been made about UCMDB which are no longer correct: That Discovery and UCMDB are “heavy”, “slow”, and “won’t scale,” and that UCMDB has poor operational quality.

However, when the system is tuned to operate on modern equipment, both of these myths can be completely dispelled. If you implement the changes suggested in this document, you’ll experience a very different end user experience, Discovery result experience, and Integration performance experience.

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What About Integrations With Other HPE Products: CMDB Best Practices For The New Style of IT

Are you worn out talking about all the reasons why your tools can’t integrate?

As the integration specialists, the Effectual team are singularly focused on developing CMDB best practices for integrating the HPE ITOM Service Management tools as a complete integration solution. We want to revive some confidence that continuing with HPE Software is not only feasible, but integral to the success of a large modern enterprise.

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You Have The Data, But You Need INFORMATION

Every car has a blind spot. When you’re behind the wheel, you need to be able to make fast, safe decisions based on a current, complete picture. Complex business software is the same way. The data (in this case that there is or isn’t an obstacle in your blind spot) always exists. But it has no value until it becomes information, that is until you can consume it in a form that allows you to make a decision.

What if you could have a 360°knowledge of the road at a glance, without turning your head? You can.

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Incident Management Made Easy: The New Open SSL Vulnerability

As a change management professional how can you be certain that your change requests are actually solving the problem? How confident are you that everything that needed to get done actually got done? How do you know for sure that the right change was made? Technology should not be a matter of faith, but a matter of fact.

This is why automation is so essential. Manual reporting methods can be incomplete; there is always a risk of human error. If even one of your servers remains insecure, then your whole enterprise could be at risk.

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Discoverable Vs. Non-Discoverable Data: It All Has Value

Most HPE UCMDB efforts stop at collecting discoverable data. Attempts are made to recreate the data in a new effort or use wasteful federation to visualize data from a remote system on an ad-hoc basis. These tactics, though, fail to leverage the high value (and expensive to gather, but mostly free to leverage) data about people, places, and things that their other tools already have.

In the Effectual PIE framework, we treat discovery as just one of many integration sources. Since all data is super valuable, we don’t differentiate or segregate the value of data based on where it comes from.

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What Is A CMS?

A Configuration Management System is a capability that drives an outcome. The CMS doesn’t replace other tools, it provides the best set of data from across your enterprise.

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The Probe Is Dead, Long Live The Probe! Part 2

Have we been blaming UCMDB for the limitations of the poorly configured Probe? What if we had the wrong impression of the capabilities of UCMDB all along?

It is our belief at that the Probe’s lack of performance and reliability has done more harm to capability and goodwill towards UCMDB than any other single contributing element. It has confused the real capabilities of HPE UCMDB with the unintentional limitations of the Probe, so a generation of customer projects that have cut crucial value propositions short.

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