Configuration, Change & Release Management (CCRM)

Accelerate Your Process Compliance Without Losing Fidelity Or Increasing Service Costs


ITIL Change. Change Management. Release Management. Change Control. Configuration Management. Change, Configuration & Release Management. Whatever your organization calls their process, if you own HPE Service Manager and HPE Universal Discovery, impressive capabilities exist in both tools to help your organization manage risks, improve compliance, and reduce costs of changes.

Yet issues with the accuracy and quality of the data merged between these tools often present undesired or unexpected challenges and overhead which delay success for customers. Most attempts to resolve these limitations result in data being federated, so limited amounts of data are shared between the tools. This, in turn, limits customer ability to automate much of the process. This impedes CCRM success and decelerates adoption of advanced Service Manager features, such as Release Control and Self Request Catalog.

Effectual’s PIE empowers you to overcome the data quality and normalization barrier, so your organization will experience accurate and timely data updates. When you can trust your data, you can successfully move ahead with confidence. Good data and real-time reliability enhance Release Control, and will improve leadership and Change Advisory Board members’ trust in your efforts and tools, while also saving the entire organization a great deal of time and effort.

Do CCRM Better


We see two regular starting points for HPE customers who are interested in pursuing or improving their CCRM outcome. The first is a group that has invested heavily in Service Manager (potentially for many years), and wishes to make use of UCMDB and Universal Discovery features. The second type of group is more common, in which both UCMDB and Universal Discovery are operating in an entirely different silo from Service Manager.

The problems faced by both groups stem from the same root cause – the differences between the two data sets. We resolve this discrepancy with PIE for Service Manager, effectively enabling HPE UCMDB/Universal Discovery and Service Manager to operate from one normalized data set, essentially as a single Change and Configuration Management platform.

With the latest versions of UCMDB/Universal Discovery and Service Manager, your organization can take data maturity and information from one tool, and merge and normalize it to the other. This permanently transforms the tool set into a single accurate set of operating data. The PIE framework keeps your data good over time, without limiting your options on how workflow or process is performed. This allows both tool support teams to work independently while offering one cohesive value proposition to your leadership.

This Is An Effectual Outcome


Much of the Change and Configuration Management mission can be fully automated with the Discovery Event Management (DEM) rules that Effectual provides.  Once PIE for Service Manager is in place, CCRM can be enabled simply by dropping in our CCRM add-on content and applying a few WSDL additions to Service Manager.

In a PIE-integrated environment, much more than simply a device name is known and managed between the two tools; related services, people, places, and things are shared in both. By leveraging global IDs from UCMDB, effective automated RFCs, Incidents, and Tasks can be opened in Service Manager without human assignment or extra effort. These same IT Process Records can be automatically updated and closed using DEM rules as well.

A reliable integration framework like PIE allows good data and merged value between your tools. From this point, your organization can follow and improve processes through automation, which will also reduce the time and effort of managing an overwhelming load of change requests and tickets in Service Manager.

These key events occur as a result of the better integration. A specific event and any impacted services and devices is detected by the integration, which then calls and uses the powerful features and automation built into your Service Manager environment just as if they had been manually entered and accurately assigned.

If your organization has attempted these automated use cases in the past, you know the results could be better, easier, and of greater benefit. Effectual would like to show you exactly how easy we’ve made it to achieve these better results in an online meeting in your own environment. With the Effectual PIE framework and solutions we have developed, automated CCRM is an outcome you can fully embrace today.

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As a change management professional how can you be certain that your change requests are actually solving the problem? How confident are you that everything that needed to get done actually got done?  How do you know for sure that the right change was made? Technology should not be a matter of faith, but a matter of fact.

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