Packaged Integration Enhancements for Micro Focus Universal CMDB Browser

Unlock Browser. Unlock capability. Unlock the future of Configuration & Change Management.

“Computers are useless. They only provide answers.”

- Pablo Picasso

The same can be said for Excel spreadsheets and legacy UCMDB projects. “Big data” outcomes are about ignoring these limitations, using technology to navigate around them, and ultimately evoking valuable insight from an otherwise unmanageable bulk of data. If you’re doing it right, your UCMDB should be helping your organization ask the right questions. It’s not just about answers, it’s about insight that delivers value.

That’s why we’re so pleased to announce the Effectual Demo Environment, a production-scale demo environment, populated with real data, consumable through our centralized and optimized Browser interface. It represents the cumulative power of the best Effectual has to offer: our Discovery & Trigger packages, our multi-instance UCMDB CMS, and our IT Asset Manager and Service Manager PIE solutions. To see how you can  manage all your operations efficiently and with less risk and cost, just schedule a demo.


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Protects and Serves Stakeholders

Leverages all of the information and knowledge that your teams have collected in order to decrease load and the burden on key knowledge workers in your organization.

Increased Performance & Value When Combined With Other PIE Solutions

UCMDB Browser is capable of searching RFCs, tasks, costs, contracts, and other data from Micro Focus Service Management Automation and Micro Focus Asset Manager. But with other PIE solutions in place, this data is queried directly from UCMDB, not federated from SM or AM, decreasing response time and improving accuracy.

Check out our guided tutorials in a PIE-enabled Browser with Effectual CEO Erik Engstrom:

Search – how valuable insight can be gained from the CMS Browser with targeted searches based on customizable search strings.

Modeling – create a simple business application in minutes, or ask subject matter experts to do it for you via assisted modeling. The same model (and related CI data) is available in Service Manager for Change, Problem, Incident and Release Control.

RFC analysis – impact analysis performed on a Request for Change created in HP Service Manager with PIE for UCMDB Browser in real-time.

For even more information, download the CMS Browser user guide which provides valuable information for navigating, performing searches, applying our PIE service modeling layers and creating business application models with the assisted modeling module.

See It Work In Your Own IT Environment

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