The Art of the Start

The Art of the Start

What Does Sailboat Racing Have In Common With IT Enterprise Software Projects?

The winners always have the best start. When they are racing, whether behind or in the lead, they make the best call relative to all the environmental factors. Be it the current, the wind, the position of other racers and obstacles – they constantly evaluate and make the most informed decision. There is never a prepackaged inflexible plan to win the race, no fixed route or waypoints to adhere to, just simple best practices and overarching goals. Watching from shore, it may appear as a single grand design. But the reality is that the lead boat has the pole position and is the one making all the choices. Everyone else is simply reacting.

Your HPE UCMDB or Service Management integration project requires a good start. This gives you the most flexibility towards the outcome and the power to make informed choices during your own race to value. Running a fixed and predefined course won’t get you victory in a boat race, nor will defining exhaustive use cases before you see what your tools can accomplish with the data and requirements of your own organization. If your implementation project is already under way and held back by a plan that isn’t working, change course and take the lead with Effectual.

The Capability to Finish First

How did Effectual become the experts in integrating HPE Software solutions? We didn’t dream up some complex buzzword or lead in with hype. We came upon our Packaged Integration Enhancement (PIE) solutions honestly, one step at a time, by doing the practical work with multiple customers. As we achieved cumulative customer successes, we clearly saw that a successful finish hatched new ideas, and greater ways to leverage value to build better partnership. Effectual’s PIE for ITSM  injects thousands of hours of work each customer would otherwise have to perform just to reach a usable state. Having a fully functional integration to start with enables us to complete customized projects in just 12 weeks, often less.

Since Effectual projects start in a state from which our customers can easily design and choose what features and data to use, our solutions allow them to see, to test, and to make informed decisions with us about how they will actually be used. We make their desired use cases and customizations happen the way our customers intend them, because we work closely with every customer.

We make the complex process of implementing an enterprise-wide Configuration Management System (CMS) into a series of small, measurable steps that are easy to evaluate and celebrate. So our projects have regular finishes because everyone can agree on what outcome is desired, and when it will be achieved. This pattern of success spawns many more starts and finishes.

Project Implementation Plan

When The Start Sticks

We find ourselves discussing potential business with a range of large companies who want to hire us to do the same work we have just completed for other customers, to achieve the same results. However, we encounter disconnects on what our offering and solution actually is.

Many mistakenly think that extensive planning of use cases and interminable analysis must be done for a CMDB project to begin. For some of these prospective clients, after their substantial investment of time in unviable solutions, the functional pain and costs have been great. But instead of blaming the approach that started the process off on the wrong foot in the first place, they double down, obsessively limit scope, and push with all their might at one use case at a time. They feel they have missed the chance for a stable and working implementation, and are simply scrambling to deliver something that adds value, with a greatly reduced scope.

At Effectual, we never leave the customer at a loss on how best to proceed. We have found there is always a way to accomplish an outcome, even if it takes hybrid approaches. Our HPE success stories are the joint result of our growing experience and solutions. We simply avoid putting our customers into an endless loop of design and use case documentation when they are the least able to actually do so: at the start.

Why Spend The Race Building Your Boat?

Experience has shown us that these customers erroneously believe that there are only a few outcomes possible from integrating HPE’s tools. Our results, and our successful customers, clearly demonstrate that this is not true at all. Many high value use cases become apparent only after the right people see the tools delivering the right results. So Effectual remains focused on moving our customers to this point as quickly and reliably as possible. We keep up the momentum necessary for customers to realize the promised value. We always stay a curve ahead along the way, clearing and building your path.

If you’re new to the process, we hope the information above helps inspire a new way forward. We can’t emphasize enough: if your new project is considering a lengthy use case design before you actually have an integrated system, you’re trying to build a boat as you sail. Trying to speculate on what your end state will look like won’t ensure slow and gradual success, it will simply limit access to tools and features you may need as your business matures.

Effectual’s approach is to equip the rig before you set sail. In a matter of weeks, we can position your initiatives to begin at a place most projects never even reach – fully mapped, integrated, and synchronized between tools, with good data quality and high performance. We understand that every customer’s final outcome may be different, that you’ll want certain data in some places that other organizations may never use. But the whole point is that the integration and “making it work” period should not be held hostage to the end-state use case design and desired features. You must reach this point of “foundational capability” before attempting to design a more complex solution.

If you want to lead your HPE UCMDB and ITSM race to value, you need the best start possible. And that comes from working with Effectual. You can talk to our race-winning team about your needs and priorities by clicking below:
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