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We partner with Micro Focus for four very compelling reasons:

  • Our team has nearly 30 years of cumulative experience with Micro Focus UCMDB and a deep understanding of the Micro Focus Software technologies we support.
  • Micro Focus has thousands of customers, many of whom face the world’s most complex IT and operational challenges on a daily basis. We want to continue to improve the agility of their solutions as the challenges they face continue to grow in complexity.
  • Micro Focus Software’s entire portfolio is best in class, and has a clear roadmap for the future.
  • Individual Micro Focus solutions can be combined into extremely compelling integrated use cases.

These will remain a competitive advantage for Micro Focus, their customers, and Effectual for years to come. This is why we have invested so much in building Effectual’s team and products, while focusing solely on supporting the Micro Focus ITOM Service Management offering.

Instead of focusing on “disruptive” or new technologies, we focus on solving the problems and removing the common barriers that limit and delay customer success.

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We are always seeking new partners that have a similar commitment to rapid, lasting value and customer success, . If your organization has an interest in accelerating their customer integration outcomes, we would like to hear from you and would love to discuss how a partnership with Effectual can help you and your customers succeed.

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