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3 Year Update

In 2015 we entered talks with HP Enterprise Services and HP Inc. about incorporating our intellectual property and best practices into their offering. As Meg Whitman maneuvered the company to its current form our talks stalled and ultimately led to nothing beneficial for Effectual. With uncertainty in the marketplace, lack of responses from our partners at HP Enterprise and Micro Focus, we treaded the path forward remaining loyal to the ITOM suite and our customers – even when they left for Service Now.

The air is finally clearing and we can see the way forward clearly. As a result, we have prepared a series of small micro-services specifically targeting our core expertise in Universal CMDB and Universal Discovery. With the announcement of UCMDB 10’s end of support arriving February 1, 2018 we decided to focus the next few months on helping customers upgrade, harden and prepare to move their production environments into UCMDB 11 for Windows, Linux or Docker and take advantage of the latest Discovery content packs. We also discuss several other offerings that we hope to see gain traction in the months ahead, including our specialized Impact Analysis services, managed discovery and the old staple of a UCMDB health and data quality check.

Achieving CLIP for HPE: Monitoring Integrations to UCMDB

In our latest big PIE CMS project we were able to expand scope for the customer to include Closed Loop Incident Processing (CLIP) of their monitoring software. In addition to our full PIE offering, we added Network Node Manager i (NNMi), HPE’s new Operations Manager i (OMi) tool, and improved integration and functionality of the HPE Business Service Management (BSM) tool; all driven by our automation approach and best practices. Click here to find out more.

Webinar: UCMDB Impact Analysis: Creating Useful Impact Rules for HPE UCMDB, Browser, and Release Control

Risk, is… well… RISKY. Downtime or outages due to changes can damage reputations, productivity, and revenue streams from essential business services. That’s why it’s so important to have fast, reliable impact analysis. And no tool is more better for the job than HP UCMDB. Check out this Special Webinar Presentation on UCMDB Impact Analysis best practices. We’ll cover how the Impact Rules and Simulation process works, and where and why you should leverage this functionality to deliver additional value to your organization.